Dolly's Kidding Pictures
Maxine Kinne

Dolly is in the preparatory first stage
of labor and undergoing many physical

The second stage of labor has begun with
straining contractions, and the amniotic sac
has just ruptured.

A buck kid's muzzle is presented. One
or two front feet are often presented
at this time, but not in this case.

The kid's head is out. The doe often rests
periodically for a short time throughout


The kid was quickly delivered.

A doe kid was born too quickly to

Dolly attends her new kids, licking and
stimulating them. Remnants of the
allanto-chorionic membranes protrude
from her vulva, but she has not yet
begun to pass her placenta.

Kids must eat as soon after birth as
possible to get energy and antibodies
from colostrum. When they are born
easily, they actively seek teats to nurse.

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