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Kid Care
Parasites, Pests & Predators
Reproduction - Bucks
Reproduction - Does

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Do-It-Yourself Health Exam
Normal Values
Bacteria, Virus, Fungus and Protozoa
Blindness Due to Pinkeye
Blindness Due to Polioencephalomalacia
Bloat Diagnosis & Rumen Motility
Brain Abscess
Copper Deficiency
Copper Toxicity

Cough: Dry & Hacking
Cushing's Disease in a Goat
Displaced Abomasum
Dorsal Recumbency
Drugs & Drug Interactions
Eyes - Vet Advice
Common Eye Problems in Goats
Enterotoxemia (Overeating Disease)
Enterotoxemia Q&A
Fever - What is It?
Hair Loss in Goats
Hantavirus Awareness on the Farm
Hoof Rot
Hypocalcemia (Milk Fever) 1
Hypocalcemia (Milk Fever) 2
Immunity & Clostridial Vaccinations
Johne's Disease Q & A
Johne's Disease Facts 1
Johne's Disease Facts 2
How Do I Keep Johne's Disease Out of My Herd?
Johne's Disease: Living With It
Laminitis / Founder
Longevity in Pygmy Goats
Mastitis, Somatic Cells, and the CMT
Pizzle Rot
Rectal Prolapse
Red Urine
Rumen Motility & Bloat Diagnosis
Ruptured Cruciate Ligament
Selenium Supplementation
Shipping Fever
Spastic Paresis
Stress & Your Goats
Teeth Lost!
Thiamine Deficiency
Urine Scald
Urolithiasis in Pygmy Goats
Vaginal Prolapse 1
Vaginal Prolapse 2
Weather & Disease

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Genetics Kid Care
Color Inheritance in Pygmy Goats
Genetic Defects (chart)
Heritability Percentages of Many Traits
G6S: A Genetic Defect and its Management
Selective Breeding for Herd Improvement
Seeing the Effects of Selective Breeding
Old vs. New: Comparisons of Style
Where Extra Teats Come From 
Genetics 101: To BB or Not to bb
Sex-Linked Genes
Looking for Mr. Right
Genetics Links
Why Be There When Kids Are Born?
Starting Newborns Right From Birth to Weaning
Special Problems of Weak and Orphan Kids
Special Care for C-section Kids
Neonatal Hypothermia
Saving Premature Kids
How to Tube Feed a Kid
Is it a Premie or a Runt?
Mommie Dearest - maternal rejection
Avoid Dam-Raised Kids to Bottle Feed
Bottle Feeding
Raising Kids on Cow Milk
Colostrum Isn't the Only Answer

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Keyhole Feeders
Build a Disbudding Box
Goat Coats
Goatkeeping Supplies
More Stuff You Need for Goats


Guessing Isn't Good Enough
- Pygmy weight chart
The Art of Tattooing
Make Recordkeeping Work For You
Disbudding: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Choosing a Veterinarian
Quarantine After Purchase
Administering Shots
Carcass Disposal
Late Horn Removal
Late Dehorning

Housing Needs
In Case of Fire...
Disaster Preparedness for Livestock Producers
Breaching the Heat Stress Comfort Zone
I'ts Nippy Out There
Keeping Goats High and Dry
Winter Problems
Icky, Sticky Mud!
Vigilance Prevents Accidents

Dealing with People
Critter Sitters
Dog Control, Laws & Ordinances
Minimize Outside Breeding Risks
What to Ask Before Buying
Screening Potential Buyers
Questions of Responsibility
A Considerate Exhibitor Will...

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Milking Miscellaneous
Why Milk the Pygmy Goat?
Equipment for Milking the Pygmy Doe
Good Milking Procedures
The Qualities of Pygmy Goat Milk
The One-Day Milk Test
Goat Milk Soap: A Fine Lather
Goat Milk Soap
Dealing with Loss
Grooming Pygmy Goats
Training and Showmanship
A Profitable Show
Show Supplies
Miscellaneous Links



Nutrition Parasites, Pests & Predators
Of Mangers and Feed Pans
Feeding Wethers
Body Condition Scoring Pygmy Goats
The Ins and Outs of Body Condition   New
Thin Goats, Fat Goats & Just Right Goats 
The Problem with Salt Blocks
Use BCS to Evaluate Feeding Management  
Your Goat's Rumen
Volatile Fatty Acids
The Ins and Outs of Body Condition
Hay Quality
Planning Your Annual Hay Supply
Hay Moisture
Figuring Hay Cost
Nutrition Links
Warm Weather Parasites
Cold Weather Parasites
Cryptosporidiosis and Kid Care
Ear Mites
Anthelmintic (Dewormer) Toxicity
Biological and Chemical Fly Control
Fly Predators
Rodent Control
Herd Security: Some People Aren't Nice
Coyote Control

Parasite Links

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Reproduction in Bucks
Poisonous Plants & Toxic Substances
Poisonous Plant List
Oak Poisoning
Plant Poisoning
Anthelmintic (Dewormer) Toxicity    New
Mold Alert

Poisons Links

The Plight of Adolescent Bucks
Ready to Serve
Fertility & Sterility in the Buck
Pros & Cons of Offering Buck Service
How Good is He?
The Sire's Progeny Records
Fall Buck Care
Breeding Season is Here


Reproduction in Does
Too Young to Breed?
Too Old to Breed?
Is Nursing a Contraceptive?
Breeding Season is Here
Is Color Variation Related to Reproduction?
Reproductive Hormones: Blessing or Curse?
What is a Brood Doe?
One + One Shouldn't = One
Maximize Litter Size

Pelvic Structure and Capacity     New


Heat Detection
Common Questions About A. I.
Hormonal Causes of Infertility in the Doe
Disease Causes of Infertility in the Doe
Other Causes of Infertility in the Doe
Abnormal Gender and Intersexes

Early Pregnancy
Pregnancy Diagnosis Techniques
A Study of Feeding During Pregnancy
Gestation Chart
False Pregnancy
Return to Estrus

Bred & Pregnant & Bred Again
The Chronology of Fetal Development

Middle & Late Pregnancy
Vaginal Prolapse 1
Vaginal Prolapse 2
Rectal Prolapse
Teat Plugs
When is it Colostrum?
Some Special Needs in Late Pregnancy
Separating the Sexes in Late Pregnancy

When Will She Kid?
Why Be There When Kids Are Born?
Solving the Mysteries of Obstetrics (5 parts)

    1   Normal Birth and Recognizing Dystocia
    2   Assisting Dystocia
    3   Special Problems During Pregnancy
    4   Genetic Defects (chart)
    5   Causes of Dystocia (chart)
Uterine Inertia
Delivering Dead Kids
Induced Kidding

Caesarian Section in Goats

Neonatal Mortality
Fetal Mortality
Care of the C-Section Doe

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