A Considerate Exhibitor Will...
Maxine Kinne

... dress tastefully

... tattoo, disbud and castrate animals at home

... learn showmanship, ring procedure and maneuvers before the show

... listen to any comments the judge makes before the show begins

... observe the day's ring procedure before her first class is called

... arrive at ringside before his class is called

... be courteous and pleasant to show officials, the judge, fellow exhibitors and the public

... leave sufficient space between his goat and the others around him

... control animals on the lead, in and out of the ring, and all the way back to the pen

... avoid direct contact between his goats and other goats

... make sure her children are well behaved at all times

... always treat the animals with kindness, no matter how they place

... volunteer to help during and after the show

... assist fellow exhibitors who are new at showing

... maintain neat pens and tidy the surrounding area as needed

... make sure his animals are safe and comfortable in their pens.

... support the show's fundraising activities

... congratulate the winners with sincerity

... be a good sport


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