Sire's Service Record

Explanations in red. Click here for service records to print and use.

Sire's Name
Breeding Date
Delivery Date
Dam Name #
Buck Kids Color Doe Kids Color Linebreed
Yes / No
Yes / No
Chrissy      C 3 Med. Agouti
Dark Agouti
Med. Caramel
No No
Daisy       BA 2 Light Brown Agouti (extra teat) Dark Brown Agouti No No
Scintilla      A          


I recorded all services. To see my own records easier, I used a highlighter on the doe's names. It was also helpful to make a note of each dam's color after her name (Chrissy is Caramel, Daisy is Brown Agouti, Scintilla is Agouti).

This record may show that a buck produces:
> litters that take longer gestation time
> greater incidence of dystocia
> colors you want
> faults you don't want

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