Gestation Measurements

Many of my record charts were created by hand in the years B.C. (before computer), and this is one of them. It is difficult to recreate this as an empty, printable form, but you are welcome to use the same idea. (The large image takes a while to load.)

Date Breeding date
Age / Parity Age at breeding / number of pregnancies including this one
Maiden / # Colored in if doe was a first-timer / weight at breeding
Meas. @ breeding Barrel / Hearth Girth (barrel increases more than heart girth)
1, 2, 2.5, 3, etc. Measurements done during gestation
Postnatal Measurements done within 2 days of delivery
# Kids / Days + or - Number of kids in the litter / Days carried, under or over 150
Left of form (2B, 2D) Genders in the litter


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