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Goat Puppet Theatre     New
The "Two Cow Explanation"

Apollonia Farm
Capriherb Farm
Come to the Farm
Irvine Mesa Charros 4-H Club
Onion Creek Ranch
Saanendoah Dairy  Goats

Sun Valley Pygmy Goats
Tyny Goat Ranch
Cyber Goats

Maryland Small Ruminant Page great website!
Come to the Farm - Goat FAQs
Come to the Farm - Goats / ResourceSites

Cleon's Corner - Colorado State University
Cornell 4-H Meat Goat Projects
FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine
Goatweb  New
Oklahoma State University - Goat Resources
Schering-Plough Animal Health
Small Farm Resource
Texas Animal Health Commission
Texas Caprine Club Goat Links
VEIN Animal Links : Goats     New
Virtual Veterinary Center
WUSTL NetVet Small Ruminant Links

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