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Goat Anatomy     New
Animal Anatomy Resources - VSPN
Animal Welfare Programs, UC Davis VetMed
Ovine, Caprine Flock Management
Metric Conversion Maestro
Metric Conversions - Science Made Simple
Mosquito 101 for Homeowners
Goat Dentition - Goat Connection
Pain Control in Food Animals - IVIS  New
U.S. Selenium Status Map
Terrorism - High Threat Warnings  New
Skunk Information  New
States' Import Regulations

Current Weather - Heat Wave/Heat Index
Heat Index/Wind Chill Charts
Heat Stress in Dairy Cows - EXOPOL  New
Wind Chill/Heat Index Chart
Drought Monitor

The Goat Breeders Software Program
EPDs Being Developed for Goats     New
Ewebyte - management software     New
Herd-Pro Software     New
Livestock Management System Software    New

Milk Parlor
Pioneer Meadows Stanchion Plan
How to Buy the Right Microscope  New
Tobin's Lab - microscopes  New
Microscope Store  New
Formaldehyde     New

How To
Hoof Trimming
Hoof Trimming and Restraint
Animal CPR Instructions
Stomach Tubing Young Lambs
Administering Sub-Q Fluids
Emergency Euthanasia - Sheep & Goats
Disposing of Dead Goats
Animal Mortality Disposal
Selection and Use of Disinfectants
Selection & Use of Disinfectants (PDF)
Disaster Preparedness
Disaster Preparedness - Calif.  New
Medical Sharps Disposal
Alderbook Harness & Carting Links
Goat Harness and Driving     New
 Estimating a Goat's Age     New
Cheese Making for Beginners  New
Institutional Meat (Goat) Purchase Specs - USDA

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