The Chronology of Fetal Development
Maxine Kinne

Age (weeks) Stage of Development
End of embryo stage Abdominal wall closed
Genital "bump" in females; penile sheath in males
Top of brain visible through soft, membranous skull roof
Limb segments apparent
Differentiation of mouth, nostrils, digits and dew claws


Mammary buds in females; empty scrotal sac in males
Jugular vein barely visible through the pink skin


Eyelids close and ear canal opens
Membranous soft center in the top of the head


Jugular vein, facial vein and scrotal vessels all visible
Nostrils open


Hairs appear on eyelids


Ear vein prominent
Hairs on eyelids and muzzle


Hairs on forehead
Pigmentation around horn pits
Testes palpable in scrotum


Skin whitish and thicker
Jugular, facial and scrotal veins no longer visible
Ear vein visible
Hairs along top of the neck
Top of the head has hardened


Hairs on chest
Eyelids separated
Temporary teeth buds just appear


Body sparsely covered with hair, except limbs


Dense hairs cover body and limbs
Teeth buds prominent


1-3 incisors barely erupted in females at birth
Incisors at gum line in males at birth
Adapted from "Foetal Age Estimation in Sheep & Goats," M.N. Sivchelvan, M. Ghali Ali, G.A. Chibuzo, Small Ruminant Research, The Journal of the International Goat Association, Volume 19/1 (1996), Elsevier Science.

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