FAQ:  Vaginal Prolapse
Maxine Kinne

Q.  One of my does prolapsed her vagina toward the end of her last pregnancy. Was my veterinarian too hasty in saying that she not be bred again because of this? 

Your veterinarian counseled you wisely.

Once a doe has a prolapsed vagina, she is prone to repeat it if she gets pregnant again. It can occur earlier and be worse in the next pregnancy. This condition is thought to be heritable in many cases. Your veterinarian's reasoning was probably divided between concern for the doe and for the possibility that her kids and grandkids could be prone to it.

Aside from genetic causes, vaginal prolapse can be due to:  too much internal abdominal pressure due to excess internal fat, large litters, and short body type, especially when combined with internal fat. Estrogenic feeds (alfalfa and clover) may be implicated through hormonal pathways. Coughing, diarrhea and urinary tract infections cause undue strain within the abdominal cavity.

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