FAQ:  Feeding Wethers
Maxine Kinne

Q.  We purchased twin 4-month-old male Pygmy goats this weekend. What is the best thing to feed them?

Feeds vary a lot around the United States and the world, and there are many ways of feeding correctly. Hay and pasture or browse (bushes, weeds, etc.) should form the bulk of their diet. Fine-stemmed, sweet-smelling, green grass hay with the seed heads intact, along with a calcium-supplemented loose mineral, is a good diet for wethers. A combination grass/alfalfa hay, with emphasis on grass as the greater portion, is also a good diet.

Wethers do not need grain! Grain can fatten them enough to cause serious health problems. If you must give treats, offer fir boughs, maple tree leaves, or small pieces of fresh or dried vegetables or fruit in reasonable quantities. A tablespoon of rolled oats from the grocery store is OK, but it is easy to give too much when you see how much they like it.

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