FAQ:  Is She Too Old to Breed?
Maxine Kinne

Q.  Our 8-year-old doe has never kidded before. She was accidentally bred and is due soon. Is she likely to have problems with delivery?

My answer is not intended to alarm you, but aging first-timers (four years and older) usually have trouble kidding. The cervix often does not dilate enough to deliver. Part of this is because their hormones are "rusty," and they also tend to have excess internal fat that makes delivery very sluggish and more prone to malpresented kids. Excess fat is also a barrier that makes the birth canal much smaller than it would normally be.

When her contractions begin and she and breaks "water," the first kid should be delivered within 30 minutes. If not, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Solving the Mysteries of Obstetrics describes normal labor and how to recognize delivery problems. Good luck! 

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