For 25 years I focused on  excellent health and performance, based on good genetics and sound management. Our very friendly goats were always exceptionally healthy, documented with periodic test results. They were always a pleasure.

Alfalfa and grass hay was the bulk of their diet. Grain was fed based on individual need, mostly very little. Salt, trace minerals and fresh water were always available. Vaccinations and parasite treatments were tailored by individual need. Affection was our secret ingredient.  The herd was dispersed in 2003 for personal reasons, although the affection for goats remains..

        About Maxine

  • 1986 graduate of WA State University Extension's first Master Dairy Goat Farmer program

  • Assistant editor and staff writer for Goat WORLD magazine (1994-1999)

  • Chaired NPGA's Health, Education & Research Committee (1993-2000)

  • Authored numerous educational articles for NPGA's MEMO magazine since 1986

  • Edited many NPGA publications, including the books Best of MEMO 2 (1988), Best of MEMO 3 (1996); assisted with Judges Training Manual (1993), New Owner's Manual (1994), and several other publications

  • Co-owns Washington State University's  GOATS email discussion list (est. 1993), which is devoted to educational and management  topics. (Click the link for subscription information.)

  • Speaking engagements include: What is a Pygmy Goat?, mastitis, pelvic capacity, body condition scoring, kidding and dystocia, health and disease, genetics, milking the Pygmy, showmanship, What is a Llama?, and numerous other topics

  • Participated in DHI milk testing (305-day lactations) through the American Goat Society in the 1980's to help establish official milk production records for Pygmy does.

  • Is the mailing list archivist for  the American Assn. for Small Ruminant Practitioners.

  • Makes a goat-themed quilt every year, donated to the Clark County 4-H goat program to help sustain their ventures.

  • Supports the Clark County Market Goat program, buying a goat every year for gastronomic pleasure. :-) Goat meat is healthy and tasty.


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